About Us

“Chance favors the prepared mind”

Dear Partners and Clients,
Turkiye is located at a crossroads, linking East and West, bridging the gap between Europe and Asia. As travel professionals, we at GEMINI feel that we have a special role to play. We serve as ambassadors, welcoming visitors to our country.
When they arrive, we introduce them to Turkiye’s twin spirit, which is etymologically the source of the name of our company, GEMINI, and the Turkish spirit; Eastern and Western. Guests get this feeling when they receive a warm and even lavish welcome of the kind that only traditional hospitality can provide. However, when they experience the efficiency and professionalism of our tours, transfers, conferences, incentives or shore excursions, they will know that values of organization, punctuality and precision are equally a part of the Turkish character in terms of business.

This twinned spirit also breeds a special empathy and understanding of visitors’ needs. Our approach is always tailor-made. We create original and creative itineraries and refine them through constant communication with our clients. What is born is a partnership and friendship that embodies the true spirit of travel; people from different cultures learning from one another, enriching themselves and making the world a better place to live. However, serious and high-minded this may sound, our Mediterranean nature and amateur spirit pervade everything we do. Our understanding of ‘Joy’ that is uniquely Turkish breed of luxurous pleasure dating as far back as the middle ages, makes enjoyment the center of every GEMINI travel experience for over two decades since 1988. We are proud to have been able to build a strong and reputable company on the foundation of these principles and to have forged mutually reliance-based partnerships with international leaders in the travel and meetings industry.
We invite you to explore our renewed website, discover GEMINI in Turkey and begin imagining all that there is to learn, see, do and enjoy in this fabulous country. We are committed to serve you in a far better way with our renewed website. Then, please take a moment to contact us and let us put our passion for travel and meetings to work creating a custom itinerary for you.
Wishing you lots of “Joy”